Chinese-European Cultural Exchange Centre.  

I wish to give you some information about our Chinese-European Cultural Exchange Centre.  

I am fundraising and I would like to ask you for your support by making a donation to our Chinese-European Cultural Exchange Centre. This  community-based project will be a nonprofit Centre, created for people wellbeing.  

To each person who donates, I will give a free donation class, Kung Fu or Tai Chi, which will be held once a month in Rathfarnham Castle Park, Dublin 14. This will be a great opportunity for you to get to know more about these practices and to meet each other. 

Sharing new skills with each other’s cultures is so important for the healthy development of children and the community. Sharing stimulates appreciation of each other, and develops a feeling of love and compassion for everyone.  

The foundation of our centre will be based on education and learning. But this form of acquiring knowledge will not be systematic, but creative, intuitive, fostering open-mindedness, caring, responsibility, and thereby nurturing a healthy development of the individual. 

The Chinese-European Cultural Exchange Centre, which we are going to open in the Dundrum area, Dublin 14, will be a place where people of different cultures grow and flourish together. People will be able to learn new skills, including martial arts, Chinese calligraphy, music, poetry, languages and Chinese philosophy, in an environment that embraces diversity, innovation and openness. A place where people will learn to see everything as a part of a whole. 

I will be offering Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes, and also teaching the philosophy of Tao or the Way. The way of Tao is the way of nature, the way of harmony.  

I have over twenty years of teaching experience in Ireland and thirty years of practice in martial arts. I have taught children from the age of three, to adults of eighty years old. I teach in schools and corporations, to groups and individuals. I loves to share my knowledge with people, helping everyone to learn how to bring about balance in their lives, by learning to connect with nature, bringing health, beauty and harmony within. I wish everyone’s wellbeing. 

Our Cultural Exchange Centre is a place where everyone’s creative individuality is valued as a part of a whole. The skills we will learn will help us to bring about positive change in our lives and the world. We wish people to enrich their lives, find harmony within themselves, with their environment and therefore be happy and healthy. 

Your support will help us to achieve our goal faster and open our Centre for the benefit of everyone. 

We hope we can count on you. We are grateful for your contribution. 

Thank you again. 

Yours sincerely, 

Master Yang Dong 


Director of Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Ireland 

Here, we wish to highlight some of the benefits of Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice. 

Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice are a great way to prevent illnesses and investing in early prevention is very important. It is also a good method to preserve health. 

Through these practices, one will become more focused and self-disciplined. These arts effectively improve self-confidence, flexibility, balance and immunity. 

The practice of Tai Chi helps to manifest the balance of Yin Yang within oneself. Its practice brings about harmony and tranquillity and unites body, mind and spirit.  

Tai Chi is also very effective in alleviating other conditions, such as chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, depression and stress.  

Learning and practicing Tai Chi is the perfect way of attaining great health and longevity.