San Shou – Chinese Kickboxing

San Shou is a martial art that was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon intense study of various traditional methods and combined with modern advanced in sports medicine and training methodology.

San Shou is practiced as a combat sport, meaning that training is conducted with safety equipment and competitions are conducted under rules restricting certain tactics and techniques designed for the safety of the participants. However, San Shou is also a compete martial art that teaches striking, kicking, leg kicks, kick catches, sweeps, takedowns and throws.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a sport-specific equipment-based fitness program The original circuit training format was developed to help promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness. The techniques used during the one-hour classes, using conventional heavy bags and training pads, are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance training and cardio vascular benefits to its participants.

Physical benefits:

  • Burns up to 800 calories in less than 1 hour.
  • Gives total body workout by high intensity exercises.
  • Decreases stress and increases endurance.
  • Combines martial art with cardio fitness training.
  • Suitable for almost all ages and abilities