Shaolin Fo Han Kung Fu

Today, more people work in offices, have longer working hours, use advanced technology and automation, and are required to move less than ever before.

Some of the benefits of shaolin kung fu training include:

Shaolin Weapons Training

The nine-section whip is one of the Shaolin soft weapons. It has a great fame as the "dragon in weapons." Most of Shaolin fighting monks practice this weapon. During the training, they lay stress on the route of hands, eyes, steps, body, and the whip, which means flexing the wrist nimbly, watching the whip's tip carefully, stepping forward evenly, and turning the body freely.
The nine-section whip chain is an important component in the weapons family of the Shaolin traditional weapons. The forms and movements of the nine-section whip chain are based on "primary circular motions," which depend on the swinging motion of the arm and the rotational inertia of the different parts of the body. Because its applications are so flexible, it is considered a most fierce weapon that is not easy to defend against.
Master Dong Yang teaches this peculiar Shaolin weapon to anyone who is interested in learning the nine-section whip. He also teaches other Shaolin weapons, including the three-sections staff, sword, long staff, spear, and Nunchaku.